Super Recognisers Debut at Wimbledon

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This summer, the world-famous Wimbledon Tennis Championships saw Super Recognisers deployed for the first time. A total of five Super Recognisers worked among the various security teams to assist with identifying known individuals. The team was covert and worked hard with the rest of the skilled, highly professional personnel at Wimbledon to maintain the high standards of experience expected by visitors to this prestigious event.

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The Super Recognisers were able to slot in seamlessly with existing security to enhance and support their capabilities. We were able to confirm or rule out potential identifications in seconds. This was a fast-moving, real-time test of their skills and proved highly valuable to the overall success of the security operation.

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Several persons of interest were spotted by the Super Recognisers and handed over to the security teams, but in accordance with Data Protection regulations, details cannot be disclosed at present. Operations Manager, Kelly Hearsey, who was in charge of the Super Recogniser team, said "It was a great experience to use our skills to help to make this prestigious tournament even safer. I look forward to Wimbledon 2020.

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