Scotland Yard Acknowledges Super Recognisers in Official Policy


London's Met Police and its HQ at New Scotland Yard, were the first force in the world to utilise Super Recognisers to identify criminals caught on CCTV and to link offenders to multiple crimes using images.   In the Force's "Crime Assessment Policy", which is used to decide if there are sufficient leads to investigate (or "Screen In") a crime, so that it can be allocated to a detective.

The Policy, referring to SRs as "Image Recognisers", emphasises the need for police officers to consider using their skills:

"The Metropolitan Police Service has the ability to identify offenders through the use of ‘Image Recognisers’. Even though a crime may be closed as a result of a victim not being able to identify a suspect, it does not stop enquiries being made with ‘image recognisers’ to assist. An identification would result in the report being sent for further investigation."

It also notes that, "...‘Image Recognisers’ may be able to identify suspects where others cannot." 

This is a great step forward.  Crime historians will be aware that the Yard pioneered the use of fingerprint evidence and the technique then spread around the world.  It will be same for Super Recognisers!