Inaugural Training Course

The Association of Super Recognisers is go! The very first licentiates have completed their application forms and their induction process has commenced.
The new recruits were attending a 4-day training course run by Super Recognisers International (SRI) Limited in London. SRI kindly allowed The Association to brief their students on the advantages of joining the Association and the opportunities which await them in the future. CEO Mrs Gilly Crichton said 'Our very first recruits are joining an elite family of super recognisers from across the World. We live in an increasingly hazardous World and the future cohort of super recognisers are all keen and able to make the globe a safer and more enjoyable place to live and work'.

Crichton went on the describe the amazing offer for the very first 100 founding licentiates who will pay just £95 to join the Association and will have their ID cards and certificates enhanced to show their place as founding associates. The Association is now finalising the first iteration of their Code of Practice and expects their main website to go live on 01 April this year.
Licentiate will be able to communicate with each other and receive regular updates and information as this fascinating new forensic discipline makes its unique mark upon the crime fighting and security horizon. The Association of Super Recognisers is the only professional organisation which will represent the views and skills of its associates and ensure a high level of professional standards is established, underpinned by academic and operational experience, giving courts, the public and law enforcement agencies alike the confidence that super recognisers can make a real and valuable contribution to achieving more guilty pleas earlier in the judicial process, saving taxpayers costs and making justice more effective and reliable.