The Associations Mission is to drive up standards by means of an enforceable Code of Practice across The Association of Super Recognisers.



The Associations Vision is to establish the discipline of Super Recognisers -a professional body as a recognised forensic tool

Our Objectives

  • To develop the science of super recognition thus establishing it as a recognised branch of forensic science.
  • To work with academic bodies to encourage research and development in the abilities of a Super Recogniser.
  • To encourage, develop and assist our licentiate's career prospects as Super Recognisers, continuous professional development including a 'Super Recogniser passport.'
  • To recognise excellence in the profession by staging awards and commendations regionally and globally.
  • To set ambitious standards of performance across the industry.
  • To enable dialogue, communication and thought leadership amongst our licentiates to further develop the skills of Super Recognisers including providing legal and operational updates.
  • To provide an identity document for all licentiates and fellows.

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