Facial and Document Checker - Chelmsford


Are you a super-recogniser?

If you are, you could be the perfect applicant for the role of Facial & Document Checker for Yoti (www.yoti.com/jobs). Our Checkers are responsible for acting as Yoti’s front-line against fraud and ensuring that the accounts we issue are genuine, accurate and correct. Performing frequent investigations and keeping up to date with research in their field, they make sure that their knowledge and understanding of fraudulent documentation is second-to-none.

We ask our Checkers to compare and draw conclusions as to whether pairs of images are of the same individual or not. By analysing visual information rapidly and recording decisions promptly Checkers verify the authenticity of any documents submitted.

Using their high level recognition abilities and problem-solving skills our Checkers need to judge whether any differences in our applicant’s appearances are bona fide or not. Some applicant’s selfies may look dramatically different to the photo in their government issued document. They may have changed hairstyle, gained or lost weight, had an accident, surgery or simply aged.

On the other hand, there may also be individuals attempting to use a photograph or video or mask that is not their face, which is a fraudulent act.

Would you be able to tell the difference? Take our test here to find out.