Super Recognisers in the News

Following from the extensive media criticism of automated facial recognition systems, our Chairman, Lord Lingfield wrote to the influential British newspaper, The Daily Telegraph.  His letter, shown below, was published on 20th May:

The super recognisers

SIR – Your article, “Big Brother tech that thinks it’s seen your face before” (May 14), points out the risks that the unfettered use of facial recognition technology (FRT) can present to the freedom of our society.

Facial recognition software can be seriously inaccurate and can lead to miscarriages of justice unless it is accompanied by human back-up. Research at Harvard, Greenwich and Bournemouth universities has revealed that just under 1 per cent of people have an extraordinary ability to pick out faces that they have seen, often months before. As an adjunct to FRT they are invaluable. They are “super recognisers” and, trained by their association, are already doing much to assist in the fight against crime.

Lord Lingfield
Chairman, The Association of Super Recognisers
London SW1